Hot Nasho “A Stitch in Time …” (Lolita´s Records 2021)
A Stitch in Time is a new EP that includes 5 songs from the original repertoire from “Hot
Nasho and Himself Orchestra ”(One Man Band) arranged this time for his trio band.

Being the second work released as a band under the name of Hot Nasho, this time Nacho Mena
(guitar, vocals) is accompanied by Alfonso Herrero on bass and Fran Mata on drums, unlike
previous EP Tune the tune !!, (Lolita´s Records 2017) which includes the song Shake like an
earthquake that appears in Mediaset España serie “Caronte” released last March 2020 on Amazon
Prime, and where all the instruments were recorded by Nacho himself, except the drums, by Patricia
Cumplido (HF Pat).

During 2018 and 2019 the trio, with Alfonso and Fran, was active offering several gigs,
highlighting his time at Estudios Tarántula, which includes a song from this live show in this album.
A Stitch in Time is a summary of this period accompanied by these musicians in which Nacho guided
the style of the band over American roots music. You can find among these songs the influence of the
Blues, Boogie, Rag, Country or Swing with a personal perspective inspired by current artists.
Natural Hound Dog, a boogie in homage to Hound Dog Taylor, opens this EP which is followed by a
shuffle, one of Hot Nasho’s first compositions, Back to Mama. The third cut is a rag titled Your cat and
my dog, with a double meaning lyrics, which is why it could also be called Hokum style. Winding
Road is perhaps the most daring subject, letting it walk into a country-style in a modern production
context. Closes the album with Daredevil Love as a swing influence, live from Tarantula Studios,

This work has been produced by Nacho himself for Lolita’s Records. Recorded live in studio in June
2019 and mixed between November and December 2020 at Hot Room Studios (Marbella),
except for Daredevil Love, which was recorded live at Tarantula Studios’ «Conciertos en Linea»
on May 18, 2019, mixed by Jose A. Alarcón and Victor Sánchez.
Given the difficulty of presenting live works as well as offering concerts in the current days, this album
will be published only for digital download and streaming

Hot Nasho and Himself Orchestra «Lain Down Thinking» (Lolita’s Records 2017)

«I feel I have taken a step forward in my career by joining all the musical genres that have influenced me and express them into 14 songs composed by myself,» says Hot Nasho about his third album «Lain down thinking.»
The singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist player born in Ronda and living in Marbella (Andalusia, Spain), is based on the American roots music to compose his songs with a very personal character that makes you discover a new way to interpret the music of the past, which are emerging again in the current days.
Incorporating elements of Blues, Swing, Ragtime and Rock n’roll, Hot Nasho has created his own style based on his interpretation as «one man band» that has taken him to obtain a national recognition between the artists of this genre in Spain .
Since his debut in 2012, in addition to his own compositions, he has performed old tunes by artists such as Charley Patton, Big Bill Broonzy or Fats Waller. He has been growing as an artist in recent years, having participated in several festivals such as «Cazorla Blues», “South Side Leganes” or» Blues at Moonlight «, among others, and offering concerts in different cities around Spain, as well as internationally, in London (UK) and the Algarve (Portugal).
Before and during the creation of his main project as a One Man Band, he has worked as bass player for great Blues artists in Spain such as Fernando Beiztegui, Felix Slim and Joaquín Sánchez and has accompanied international artists such as Appeljack Walroth (Los Angeles, California) or Jeanne Carroll (Ruleville, Mississippi) on their visits to Spain.
His third and last album at the moment, «Lain Down Thinking», which consists of 14 original songs, includes cuts that remind RL Burnside’s blues with «Keeping on Dreaming» and «Pretty Sinner Baby», Swing-style orchestras by Duke Ellington or Cab Calloway with «At Dawn» and «Daredevil Love», the style based on the Ragtime that boosted Blind Blake with «Your Cat and My Dog» or «The Manager»… Other evident American roots genres are expressed on the themes «Back to Mama», «Hand on Mine», «She Lied» or «Shake like an Earthquake» which make this album a compilation of styles that remember the past and that reappears in the last years thanks to artists as Luther Dickinson, Pokey Lafarge or JD McPherson, among many others, and Hot Nasho, from Spain, develops very faithfully this musical movement that will never die.

«After years working on songs that already exist which I felt somehow identified , and which my current style is based on, it is now when I have decided to bet on my own compositions, showing my personal experiences in them, the environment that surrounds me, my concerns, interpreting them on the way I understand it after studying other musicians, which have led me to get my personal style”.

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