Andalusian singer/songwriter “Hot Nasho”, who has paid attention to American roots music, recovers songs of old bluesmen and other tunes from the 20´s to 60´s (blues, ragtime, swing and rock n´roll), which adds to his original songs composed in the same way.

His main project as “one man band” (Hot Nasho and himself orchestra) has three self-produced albums released. The debut album, “All packed to go”, appeared in 2012, and three years later published the second one, “Right from wrong”, both including covers and his original songs. Now, he has released his third LP “Lain down thinking”, a 14 tracks album, all of them, his own compositions.

Also, since 2018, alongside H.F Pat (drummer), they made up the Hill Country Blues duo called The Hill Frequencies which released their debut album “4000 Miles From Mississippi” in 2019.

Born Jose Ignacio Mena in Ronda, Málaga in 1980, Hot Nasho developed an early interest in music. He did Audiovisual studies at the same time as he was learning guitar on his own, since he is a self-taught musician. In fact, he produces, records and edits his music under the label “Lolita´s Records”

Starting around Rock style, later discovered the Blues as well as American roots music and he spent several years as bass player being a member of bands and working for some of the top Spain blues musicians and other performers in their visit to Spain from USA.

Now, singer/songwriter “Hot Nasho” has his own project where, incorporating elements of Blues, Swing, Ragtime and Rock n´Roll, makes his own vision of the early styles.
He is a well-known spanish Blues Musician in his country and he is touring around Spain, U.K. and Portugal for now, performing his show in clubs and festivals.

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