About Tommy Johnson´s Canned Heat Blues

It is said that Tommy Johnson was the one who made selling one’s soul to the devil fashionable at a crossroads. Not only he sold his soul, but he also had to deal with his alcoholism troubles, which was pronounced during Prohibition, since not having legal alcohol, he and hundreds of other people began to fool around with Sterno, that canned heat that was used for cook. The matter was so serious that there was talk of an epidemic, since the consumption of this substance produced, among other things, what they called “Jake Leg”, associated with neuronal problems that produced paralysis. Tommy was aware of his addiction and he talk about it in his song “Canned Heat Blues” that despite the message of despair at not being able to get rid of that “bad drink”, it seems that he sings it with joy. Without a doubt one of my favorites of the Delta Blues musicians and here my interpretation of his “Canned Heat Blues” as a tribute, recorded at home through retrophonic fv by @mothsound and a telephone mic by @dustyroadguitars


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